My first look at Helms

Helen Seiver

Yesterday I spent the day with Allison, Wendy, Dee and David walking and talking ‘Helms’. Fabulous day with fabulous people! Helm’s is a mixed Jarrah, Marri, Banksia forest with a spectacular mix of understory flora. Some of the many, many things that caught my eye (or the eye of my camera) are below:  

L1160770  We saw several species of large Banksia trees in flower…

L1160766     L1160768

Magnificent and ancient Grass Trees, including the very, very tall Kingia or Drum Stick Grass Tree…


L1160792    L1160785

Fabulous textures and leaf litter…


Such inspiration and how lucky are we to have such an amazing forest block right here on our door step (or so to speak).

One thought on “My first look at Helms

  1. If there is one thing better than spending time in our beautiful native forests, it’s doing so with like minded people who see and appreciate the amazing diversity and interconnectedness of all things….. Thanks so much Helen


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