Saturday the 6th. Such a great day was had by all.

Just a few images from the Day.  

We began with Jamarri Bird Sanctuary and the wonderful Dee Patterson.

Dee feeding a favorite

She told us many wonderful stories about the birds but also the tragedy that forest logging brings to their lives!!

B of a FBirds of a featherHow about itWhat do you recon





We walked into the forest and played, photographed, drew and made installations:

10386355_10154953409665360_7920543275258771345_n                                               Wayne and Alison looking at images

Jen photographing tiny details









We used the ‘environmental message string’ made recently by the Bunbury community  for the ‘Transplanting Disobedience’ Exhibition at the Bunbury Regional Art Galleries to create a ‘home’, ‘a connection’ and a place of contemplation in the forest.





1507142_10154953421135360_8197094971503865967_n(1) This is one of Rachel’s installations using Red Tail feathers from Jamarri to make a statement about the plight of the Naso Cockatoo.

Rachel making an installation L1160972

And these are moreof her beautiful feather works.


This installation of ‘string’ around his mouth refers to the fact that this old man of the forest has no voice in the logging debate!!

L1160887 Nor does this amazing ‘mother tree’!

Rachel Rachel even brought a saw to help with her installations!

Stringing the forest  This Giant of a tree with ancient ‘age’ spots!

string and feathers Rachels feathers and Helen’s string!

And then there were the textures and shapes of Helm’s!

L1160959   L1160957


L1160961  L1160963

amd more ants nests   Ants nest

The Ants nests, what amazing sculptors ants are!

Eye of the beholder  Old man of the forest

All the different faces and creatures to be found in the patterns of bark!




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