Exhibiting Artist Catchup – Thursday 8th January


Now that the excitement and inspiration of the initial forest visits has begun to subside, Helen has proposed a little artist get together, to share our work in progress, have a chat and be reinspired by each other.  If you’re you’re planning to be part of the exhibition, and are free on Thursday the 8th of Jan at 5:30pm, it would be great if you can come down to BRAG (Bunbury Regional Art Galleries, for those of you from out of town) and share your work and ideas.  Bring a plate of nibbles to share, and if you have some samples or images of your work, bring those along  as well.

This will also be a great opportunity to work out some of the logistical details of the exhibition with gallery staff.  The proposed for this are opening Friday the 6th of February, and running through to Monday the 23rd.  This means works will need to be delivered to the gallery between Friday the 30th of January and Tuesday the 3rd of February.  This isn’t much time, so it would be good to confirm details such as who is planning to exhibit, and what quantity and scale of work we will have.  We also need to make plans for an opening event.  Simone is also championing a project to get a catalogue printed, to spread awareness of the issue beyond the exhibition itself, and she’d like to talk to everyone about that as well.

Please RSVP to mgrimston@bunbury.wa.gov.au   by the 6th of Jan so we have an idea of numbers.  If you can’t make it, could you confirm whether you’ll be participating and send through a rough idea of the scale and medium of your work with your RSVP?

Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible on the 8th.

One thought on “Exhibiting Artist Catchup – Thursday 8th January

  1. I will certainly be at the artist catchup on the 8th ! Looking forward to hearing what amazing ideas are being generated by the artists involved !


    Liz Royce x

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